• Medicare Insurance

  • Have you ever called a Medicare agency with a question, to be put on hold for long periods of time? Have you had the experience of calling a Medicare Information Center several times, and speaking to a different person each time? With Steve and Joy Jennings working as a team, you have your personal Medicare agents who can navigate your case through the system with prompt and accurate answers. If choosing the best Medicare plan that’s right for you can seem overwhelming, and if studying Parts A, B, C, and D all sound like alphabet soup, we invite you to attend one of our group presentations which we host throughout the year. We can also see you one-on-one for a free consultation, and bearing in mind that there is no pressure, we can help you sign your contract of choice into place.

    As an example, we’ve listed some of the benefits available under current Medicare plans:

    • Low monthly health plan premiums, starting at $0 (zero premium).
    • Pay nothing more than your original Medicare premium each month.
    • Prescription drug coverage is conveniently included right in your plan.
    • Coverage for many regular annual health screenings and immunizations.
    • Comprehensive network of doctors, hospitals and specialists in your area.

     With over twenty years of experience in this field, we can explain how these plans will help you and your family—in plain English!

  • Steve Jennings explaining facts and figures during a group presentation at Bliss Dairy in Attleboro, Massachusetts.