• Retirement Planning

  • Many people approaching retirement today realize they may outlive their retirement savings. It's a sobering thought. The truth is, few people are adequately prepared for the expanded retirement years that increased life expectancy has blessed them with.

  • We Have Identified Several Life Phases to Prepare You for Retirement:

    Phase I - Age 0 to 20  
    In this early phase of life, a person is generally supported by family, and may eventually begin a basic plan for savings and investments.
    Phase II - Age 21 to 50
    A period of more focused saving and market-adjusted investments, Risk vs. Reward. Investors in this age group tend to be more aggressive in their investment accounts, knowing they have time to rebound from a negative market result.
    Phase III - Age 51 to 100 Preservation Phase
    Within this age group, there is a shift in planning, where people are more interested in protecting their savings and investments from possible loss.
    Phase IV - Distribution Phase
    This phase is the culmination of investors’ plans, as people decide the best ways to receive their retirement funds, in order to live comfortably and independently. Another consideration at this time deals with the best way to leave their money to loved ones.
    How we do it:
    At Advanced Planning Inc, we incorporate clear and easy to understand savings programs that will protect your savings, providing you with an income stream. We work with you to assure that you won’t outlive your money, while choosing an inflation protection plan to maintain your life style.